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Purchasing Your Home

You need a professional real estate agent to list, market and sell your home for the highest and best price, right? But do you need an agent to help you buy a home? After all, there are literally thousands of websites across the country that show pictures of houses for sale, so finding a home should be easy, right? An agent that works exclusively for home buyers, called a Buyer’s Agent, does more than search the Internet for new listings. A professional buyer’s agent does so much more all at no cost to you, the home buyer. What can you expect from me as your buying agent?

Search for your home

The very first priority is you. Where do you want to live? Which is more important, a quick commute to work or proximity to good schools? Both? Are you interested in a brand new condo or is a “diamond in the rough” more your style? My exclusive Buyer Profile interview will allow me to not only find you the right home at the perfect price but under your very own timeline.

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Researching about the next home

You might have a fairly good idea on what you’d like to spend and where you’d like to live, but I can provide you with more background on your prospective property than you might find on your own. How long has a property been on the market? A home that’s been on the market longer than its peers raises red flags and our Days on Market research can help identify a potential deal or something to avoid.

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Home inspection

Not only will we present a fair offer, but we’ll do so because I do the research on recent sales in the area and not based upon the asking price of the home. And after our offer is accepted, I’ll accompany a professional home inspector to thoroughly evaluate the property, looking for any physical or structural issues that need to be addressed. If we do, I’ll work with you and your attorney to negotiate buyer credits or repairs. …or find another home.

Home Inspection

Manage the transaction

Finally, I’ll manage the transaction from opening to close, walking with you every step of the way. Answering questions, fielding calls and sometimes just a relaxing conversation over a cup of coffee.

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