If you’re looking for a family-friendly place where you can find good dining, shopping, and entertainment, Water Tower Place on 875 N. Michigan Ave. has all that and more.


The complex is comprised of seven floors of shopping, all navigable through the glass elevators that let you see out into the rest of the mall as you ride. If you’re shopping for apparel, check out Abercrombie & Fitch, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic or Armani Exchange. Macy’s itself takes up a space on all seven levels for all of your department store needs. There are shoe stores such as Finish Line and Adidas, and plenty of places to shop for jewelry like Fossil, Pandora and Swarovski. There are also some eclectic shops like Teavana, where you can sample teas, buy them looseleaf, and browse their mélange of teapots.


For girls, the American Girl Store is a couple of levels, where you can view all the dolls in glass display cases and learn about their historical backgrounds. They sell an endless amount of accessories for the dolls, from glasses to beds. Wander down to the lower level where they have windows for grooming, accessorizing, and doctoring dolls that need repair.


On the first level of Water Tower Place is Foodlife, a walk-through milieu where you can satisfy your hunger with anything from Chinese to pizza to sushi to ice cream. As you enter they give you a card, which you take with you to all the restaurants. Each time you get food or drinks, they swipe it for you at the counter and you pay as you walk out. It’s incredible how many choices there are!

If you want to make your next day out at Water Tower Place, I guarantee you will not be disappointed!