Home staging has long been a way to show your home at it’s very best. In the traditional sense a stager comes in and either uses your own furnishings and just rearranges everything also possibly painting or in a vacant home they completely redo everything paint, furniture, window treatments, artwork etc…In a perfect world, everyone would have their house professionally staged prior to putting it on the market. But professional staging can be very expensive. Even running as high as 1% of the purchase price per month, on a $300,000 home that is $3000/month!

Semblance Staging has a solution, “Virtual Staging. They take a current photo of your home and transform it into a showpiece. Digitally altering the images that you provide. Outdated Kitchen? Update it with Virtual Virtual staging afterStaging…Vacant Property? Fill it with beautiful furnishings, accessories, and window treatments. Semblance Staging can give your property that “edge” to get it sold!

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