Staging the home is something that you see on television programs featuring realtors and homeowners trying to sell. You might be wondering if staging really does offer any benefits. You will be happy to know that it does, and that you should always stage your home before you show it. Staging, for those who do not know, simply means that you want to show your property in the best light possible. It makes sense that you would see quite a few benefits from it. Here are some of the biggest advantages that you will find from staging a home.


Faster Sales


Estimates are that about 93% of staged homes sell, on average, in a month or less when compared to the national average of more than 160 days. At minimum, they seem to sell about 50% faster than un-staged homes do. This is going to mean that you will actually be able to save money since you will not have to worry about more months of utility bills, insurance, and HOA dues. The faster you are able to sell the better, and that’s just what staging can offer.


Sell for a Higher Price

Staging can also help to increase a home’s perceived value. The better a home looks the more a buyer is  Semblence Staginggenerally going to be willing to pay. They see that a home looks nice inside and outside, and they perceive it as well maintained. Staged homes are often going to appraise at a higher value as well.


Better Marketing Opportunities


You will find that you are able to market your home easily when it is staged too. You will be able to generate better photos because the home is going to appear in prime condition. It will look great in all of the listings too. This can help you generate the instant attraction that some buyers feel for homes. You want the visitors to love your property the first time they see it, as that can help to build excitement.


By staging the home, you are creating the ideal environment, which lights the imagination when someone sees the home. They start to see their own furniture in the place and think about the fun times they are going to have in the home. A well staged home – with the help of a professional – is going to try to appeal to the largest segment of buyers possible. If you hire a pro, it is usually a good idea to listen to his or her advice about the matter.

Great Results


When you have an open house, you are going to be getting much better results from a staged home showing than you would from an un-staged home. While the same number of people might attend both events, you will find that the excitement created with a staged home is going to be higher, and the possibility of a sale could be just around the corner.


If you have a home to sell, it’s time to start thinking about all of the benefits of staging your property.


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