Real Estate and the Social Media Revolution


Social media is starting to envelop just about every aspect of our lives, from how we find restaurants and things to do, and even how we work. This is true when it comes to all sides of real estate as well. Social media marketing has the potential to be a powerful tool when trying to sell homes. In fact, one of the questions that people often ask is whether social media really has the power to play a part in how one sells real estate. It truly does. I think this video puts it in perspective…


The World is a Technological Place


Consider how the world has changed technologically in just the past few years. The proliferation of tablets and smartphones means that just about everyone has access to the web at all times, and social networks have hundreds of millions of members around the world. Not utilizing social media in your real estate marketing plan could actually limit the number of potential clients that a real estate agent has. You want to do just the opposite – you want to expand your client pool, and that means you should make an effort to start using social media in order to find clients for the homes you are selling. After all, clients are using the web and social media to look for tips on finding their dream property.


Social Media is Everywhere Today


Chances are that you have at least one social media network that you visit regularly. Many people have several sites that they use and check daily. People who are on those sites often recommend things that they find online, from a great new place to eat to a beautiful home that just went up for sale. By utilizing social media for your real estate business and adding information and photos right onto your page, you are making it easier for an entire new subset of potential buyers to find these properties.


What Types of Social Media Should You Use?


One of the other questions that people have is what forms of social media they should apply to their business. The truth is that you want to have a good combination of different types of social networks acting together to help increase your visibility and improve your brand. Here are a few examples.


You could have videos of the homes that you are selling on your YouTube channel, and photos of the homes, décor, landscaping, and more on Pinterest. You can add photos and other information to Facebook and Twitter as well. Keep in mind that you should also have a blog and that it should be a part of your social media strategy. You want to combine the forces of these social media sites to reap the greatest reward.


When you have a great approach to social media, you are growing the number of people who are aware of your services and the homes you are selling. Even if they aren’t ready to buy now, they will remember you in the future if you have a truly strong web presence.


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