One of the most popular tourist attractions in this great city are the Chicago Boat Tours. Chicago has a lot of amazing architecture, and boats tours make their way along the Chicago River to show you some of the best buildings we have to offer.

Boat tours take place year-round, and they run at a reasonable price, with tickets selling between $25 and $47 per person. They are wonderful for either a romantic night out or a family event, and there are many to choose from, including:

Architecture River Cruise – a great a one-hour cruise that takes you up all three branches of the Chicago River, with an overview of some of Chicago’s most famous architecture.

Odyssey Chicago Tours – offers a romantic way to spend an evening with your significant other. They serve wine and cocktails and the renovation that will add new plasma TV’s, an updated wine list, a new lit dance floor and a celebrity chef is scheduled to be completed April 1st.

Spirit of Chicago Tours – an entertaining tour that offers dining, dancing and entertainment as you cruise along the skyline. It runs during the hours of lunch, brunch, dinner, cocktail, moonlight cruises and more.

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