Green building techniques are ideal construction approaches used by modern real estate developers—such as Chicago Luxury Real Estate—to build energy-efficient luxury homes. While building ‘green’ can be costly during the construction phase, saving on energy and operational costs for such buildings by far surpasses the input expenses. Here are several green building techniques, most of which have been applied in building Chicago penthouse properties such as The Ritz Carlton Residences and Lincoln Park 2520, among other plush, million dollar homes across the United States and beyond.


Passive Solar Heating


Today, increasingly more real estate developers are incorporating features which utilize the sun’s energy for heating and lighting purposes. Ideally, this technique entails use of a variety of thermal masses such as decorative concrete floors as well as strategically positioned windows. Heat is harnessed from south-facing windows, stored and released at the appropriate times when it is needed for either heating or lighting.


Cathedralized Foam Insulation


Cathedralized foam insulation involves construction of a loft which is unvented and insulated with foam or any other suitable insulator on the underside. This design reduces heat gain during hot weather, by ensuring that the ductwork operates in an insulated space. This explains why the approach is arguably the most energy-efficient when erecting million dollar homes in areas which experience exceedingly hot climates.


Wall insulation using a variety of insulating materials such as cellulose, Styrofoam and fiberglass is also a common practice aimed at minimizing energy loss through the walls.


Power-Vented Furnaces


Power-vented furnaces reduce energy loss from a building by metering airflow through the system. This practice is commonly applied in building high-end residential homes with a view to enhancing energy-efficiency of such residences.


Timed Hot-Water Pumps


Timed hot-water pumps ensure that hot water is only available when it is required. The water system is placed on a timer which automatically ensures that the system supplies hot water at times when it is most needed. This reduces energy loss which would otherwise occur if hot water continued circulating even during times when it is least needed.


Using Insulated Hot-water Pipes


Use of insulated hot-water pipes enhances energy-efficiency by eliminating energy loss from the central heater to the entire system as the water circulates through the water supply system. A suitable insulating material such as fiberglass should be chosen to ensure that no energy losses occur. This approach has been widely applied in building various Chicago Luxury Condos and other Chicago penthouse properties.


Low-flow Kitchens and Bath Fixtures


Low-flow kitchens and bath fixtures facilitate green building by reducing wasteful water consumption at the source. This technique ensures that luxury homes, which often have high demand for water, avoid waste of the rare resource. It has been widely applied by builders in erecting the posh Ritz Carlton Chicago Residences, one of Chicago’s ‘greenest’, newest and most luxurious residential buildings.


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