If you’re looking for a romantic restaurant in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, set your sight on Gejas on 340 W. Armitage Ave.

No matter where you live in the city, this is one fondue choice that you’re likely to love right away. Deeply charming and romantic, Gejas is not kitchy – it’s like going into a Mediterranean cove with its interior wood trim, draped curtains and red candles covering every surface. Pleasant and comforting, the food, atmosphere and music are a delectable and superb combination.

A flamenco guitarist plays live music, creating an ambience. Fortunately, even though they play the music over small speakers throughout the restaurant, the volume never competes with the waiter explaining things or your personal conversation.

For $55 per person you can try the best items their menu has to offer by ordering their Winemaker Dinner. It includes a house salad; an order of Cheese fondue with grapes, apples and bread; Beef Tenderloin, Chicken & Jumbo Shrimp, lots of vegetables served with 8 house-made dipping sauces; and to top it off, it comes with the Flaming Chocolate fondue with roasted marshmallows, pound cake and a variety of fruits. If you like sweet wines their Orange Moscato is delicious!

As far as fresh and savory food, commendable customer service, and cozy atmosphere goes, Gejas is a gem. The next time you’re planning a date with your significant other, make it here.