There is really nothing that says Chicago more that Deep Dish Pizza, I think the movie below says it it all! Do you think our pizza is enough to get people into the city to buy homes? I do.


The movie showcases 3 of the most popular but there are many, many more.

Here are a few of my favorites:


Burt’s Place


8541 Ferris Avenue Morton Grove, IL 60053

You must order your pizza ahead of time and when you walk in it is ready. Kind of an interesting concept but it is nice to not have to wait. This is a very small place and it is always packed.


Pizano’s Pizza


They have several location, click here to check out their website

They have the most amazing crust, I suspect they use twice the amount of butter than other pizza restaurants.


Pequods Pizza


They claim to have the best carmelized crust pizza around and I totally agree. Here is a link to their site.


One new one I have just found is actually the made to order pizza at the new Mariano’s in the West Loop. It takes about 10 minutes so you can do some shopping while it is being made. It is amazing and for only $4.99. It is personal pizza size so not hard to eat the whole thing yourself…