I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “there’s a Starbucks on every corner” in Chicago. But luckily for us city-dwellers, there are also a huge variety of smaller mom and pop cafes that serve a great cup of joe (and some great food too)! CafeCito is one of them.

Located right across the street from Columbia College Chicago in the Loop, at 26 E Congress Pkwy Chicago, IL 60605, CafeCito is not just a study spot, but a great place to get Cuban espresso and pressed sandwiches. Their café con leche, espresso added to steamed milk is fantastic! They make excellent straight espressos and lattes as well.

Their pressed sandwiches are to die for! Rated best Cuban sandwich in Chicago by TimeOut Magazine, their options are all guaranteed to get you to return! My favorite sandwiches are the Pavo and the Pollo Arugula. The Pavo is like a BLT, but it comes with avocado mayo and bathed in an assortment of Cuban spices that makes it mouthwatering. The Pollo Arugula comes with chicken, tomato, red onion, arugula and citrus mayo.

At the counter where you order there are always a couple of different jars of delicious treats in stock that aren’t on the menu, like lemon cookies covered in chocolate and alfajor, a Spanish cookie that has the consistency of a madeleine, and is dipped in coconut. Other tasty desserts include the tres leches cake and the flan.