Chicago has always been a popular city. Glamorized in popular films and visited by millions each year, trying to find the best slice of that famous Deep Dish Pizza and sample everything else Chicago has to offer. People are moving to Chicago from all over the world and Chicago Real Estate is booming as a result.


But searching for the ideal home can be a complicated process. Not only do you need to make sure that you choose the best neighborhood with easy access to all your must-have amenities, but you also need to ensure that you have a plan in place to protect yourself from an investment you're going to regret.


Trustworthy home advisory teams can help you find a property that's more likely to suit your needs, but it's still worth taking advantage of your viewings to ensure you haven't overlooked any critical issues. Here are just 5 of the things you'll need to watch for the first time that you view a home in Chicago.

1.     Your Personal Dealbreakers


Before you even start browsing through potential homes for you and your family, it's worth creating a list of items that you absolutely can't afford to compromise on. For instance, property crime can be higher in the south side, so you might decide that you can't afford to live in a space that doesn't have a good neighborhood watch system in place, or in a house without a strong security system.


Choosing your deal breakers early on will keep you focused when you're viewing new homes, and it will also give your real-estate advisors something to go off when they're picking the properties to show you.

2.     A Roof in Repair


Before you walk inside of a house, take a few minutes to check out what's going on overhead. Does the roof look new? Are there are any missing tiles or shingles that you need to be aware of? A reputable real estate agent should make sure that you know about any serious problems that need fixing, but they may not be aware of minor issues with things like guttering or a broken tile.


If you're willing to fix a small problem yourself, simply noticing an issue with the roof could mean that you get away with offering a lower price on your dream home.

3.     Plenty of Insulation


The weather in Chicago can be quite good, (in the summer) however the winters can get pretty hairy. In the early months of the year like January, the temperatures can drop and often times stay well below zero, so it's important your home is ready to protect you against any change in the seasons.


Check the water pipes, heating ducts, and the attic to make sure that they're properly insulated. Even if you don't face many cold months, a well-insulated home can save you money by reducing your heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

4.     Sturdy Flooring


You may not think that it's important to check the floors in your potential home before you move in, but your floorboards can tell you a lot more than you'd think. One of the best ways to tell that there may be an issue with the plumbing is to look for floors in your property that have sagging or dipping around the bathroom or kitchen.


If the biggest problem that you have with the flooring is that you don't like the laminate, then you'll be fine - just avoid any other major issues.

5.     Parking Spaces


If you're new to Chicago, then it's worth noting that the public transport system isn't as reliable as it should be. Unless you're within walking distance of your workplace, the kids' school and anywhere else you need to go, then you might need a car.


Look for a home that has either a garage space or driveway that you can use to keep your vehicle safe when you're not using it.. After all, you're not going to spend all of your time at home - no matter how great your new property is.